Thursday, May 6, 2010

Satellite Woes: The Continuing Saga I called as instructed after five o'clock to arrange for the satellite up grade to the 9000 series. Once again I got a very personable young woman (I think they are hiring the daughters of the Stepford Wives at Hughesnet...) who was So Sorry but there was still that pesky "open order" that needed to be closed out so that we could proceed with the satellite upgrade.  So Close it Out! already! Jeez! Just how did you guys send the "open order closure message" to "Some Where Else"?  Mule Train???? 

"Oh, that was supposed to have gone out yesterday afternoon, but I see here I didn't actually go out until this morning. I am SO Sorry..."


So, now I am waiting until 5 o'clock this afternoon to call "One More Time With Feeling!" to see if I can get the bloody up grade order.

Meanwhile, my faithful and might I add...Dependable! Tree Guy, Ron Bland, is out at my house even as I type cutting down and cutting up a tall skinny tree.  No need for me to be there, just mark it. I'll take care of it for you Darlin'.  I love it when men say "I'll take care of it and Darlin'" in the same breathe. If he wasn't already married, I'd propose.

Too be continued....

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  1. Now don't forget "with feeling." And don't go scaring your tree man with come hither looks now. He just might fall off the tree and then wadda you gonna do? Your plate's already full, dahling...