Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You know how when you were a kid and it was a week before Christmas and you thought the days would never end and that Christmas would never "get here!"?   Well, that is how I always feel the week before we leave for the beach.
Are we there yet!!?
This is the view from our deck at the little house we rent every year. Yes, it really is that beautiful. The stress goes right out with the tide...first day. Heaven on earth.

We have been going to the same island and the same house for ten years and it never gets old.  It's like "coming home".  If a place can steal your heart, Pawleys Island has done just that to me. It has a magic about it that makes you smile in spite of yourself and slows your heartbeat down to "island time".
The rule of the day is always,  "It's 5 o'clock somewhere!" 
We walk on the beach picking up shells, looking at the lovely beach houses, scan the ocean for pods of black dolphins, sit under the umbrella in the sand and let the world drift away. We read books and doze. Ah yes, island time, bliss indeed.
Every evening, we make our way to the "creek side" to share a cocktail and the sunset with our neighbors in the house next door, The Wooden Shoe. We are Nod. The two houses behind us are Winkin and Blinkin.  (Are you seeing a theme here?)
In the ten years we have been enjoying Pawleys hospitality, we have become friends with the most delightful people one could ever hope to meet; the gang in the Wooden Shoe. We have shared laughter, sorrow, hugs aplenty, and more food and "beverages" than any six people should indulge in, but it's the beach...what can I tell you? 
I am that kid on Christmas Eve, that kid in the back seat of the car...

Are we there yet???

...To Be Continued...come join me in paradise.

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  1. Ann my dear I have finally made it over here. I remember you writing and posting pictures of Pawleys Island. What a wonderful place.
    I'm still over at Spaces but a good number of my friends have defected over here due to the latest set of "improvements". It's more convoluted and confusing than ever. You are one of my oldest, in blog years that is, friends and I would be happy to reconnect with you. Are you still gorgeous? Of course you are. See you 'round the ranch my friend.