Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nice Holiday

The Fourth turned out to be a nice holiday. Nothing spectacular, but relaxing for a change. I went out on the river with my friends. They have a pontoon and it makes way quietly. The day was bright and blue and blazing hot with big white clouds painting the sky. The water was green and cool and the banks of the river spoke to me of times past when Daniel Boone and company canoed down the same river and saw the same palisades. Lush and green and mysterious. I wondered what it as like to be Meriwether Lewis, exploring the Missouri. I love the river. I grew up on it. Spent many happy hours floating in its current. Its voice in the night is soothing.
Yes, it was a good day. We had ribs and cheese potatoes and cold slaw for supper on their porch under the ceiling fan as the Kentucky rolled on by; the late boaters tooting their horns at us as we waved to them.  Ice cream and blue berries for dessert.
America had a good birthday.
Life is good, but some days, its excellent.


  1. And that one was excellent. I would have enjoyed that too.

  2. I enjoyed the summation of your day Ann You do have a way with words my friend. I suspect that we are having the kind of weather up here at the moment that you have all summer long. We hit 100 today with lots of humidity. And of course you make it even hotter. I just corrected a typo on the word hotter. I wrote hooter.

  3. Sounds like an perfect day. I spent the holiday on a lake but it rained off and on. I so missed floating lazily down a river. So want to do that even on inner tubes like we did as kids all the time. Every summer here I say we should do it and an other summer passes. Finally at least the sun and heat is back here. Well life sounds grand in Kentucky glad you had a good one. Hugs Carrie

  4. Carrie, don't let another summer pass without floating on those tubes. Seriously...life won't wait.

  5. Wonderful day you had. I have been on a river in tube. I dont like deep water so it didnt last long. If I cant touch the bottom Im done yet I used to water sky for years but when I wiped out I had to really do some self talking not to panic until the our boat came around and picked me up. Hurt my neck one year and bad. Maybe part of the reason I have disks that are not right today. That and working so hard for so many years.
    Ann I love your blogs. I love your words about the river. Why is women are drawn to water. I sure am. I love to sit by it and walk in it. Sand in my toes and eveyplace.
    Have a great day.