Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday Morning Market

Tutt and I went to the farmer's market before coffee this morning. That is how bad the man is jonesing for a fresh tomato.  The farmers market is such a pleasant place. Saturday morning, early, still misty from the night, it has a scent all its own. Fruity with an underlying aroma of earth and grass. The people you meet there are invariably smiling and friendly; swapping comments on the weather, the heat, the rain, or the lack of it. And the sheer volume of good, fresh produce is enough to lighten the lowest heart.
Food speaks to us all. The sustenance of life. Plump blackberries, dark and glistening in their baskets. Fat ripe tomatoes, and bushels of firm brown pototoes. Dark green melons, and cucumbers and zuccinies.  And the peaches. Ah...the sweet golden heavenly peaches, so fragrant and juicey they would make you slap your grandmother.  Yes, food speaks to us all. 
The farmer's market is not my grandfather's store. I doesn't have the old men sitting on the bench out front, whittling and spitting on the sidewalk, it doesn't have the feed sacks and the salt blocks in the back, which gave off an aroma of safety and love. It doesn't have the worn counter tops or the hugh old cash register, but it has the same feeling of small town togetherness that touches a place in me that is very old and dear.
Go to your farmer's market, and share in the feeling of "wholeness".


  1. I completely thoroughly agree Ann. I love going to my local Farmer's market. The smells, fragrances really, are reward for getting up in the morning. Ours has an area bluegrass band and a darned good one too, playing at least once a month and that adds a lot of fun and ambiance. Too, there are two restaurants where you can get coffee and something to eat and wander around with it in the market area.
    My first tomato ripened and I ate it..the second one will be ready in about 2 days.

  2. I step out my front door to hit my own garden for fresh produce. But for sure if I didn't and lived closer to town I would go there every week for fresh produce. So important to shop locally. Have a great weekend...

  3. Yes I do love our local farmers market. It does make me want to slap my grandmother. Just let me grab my shovel and I'm off.

  4. We have a wonderful market in the town close by and some in the city an hour away with all kinds of intersting things. I love to see the furniture they make out of willow and other things. Would love to have some. I do buy from the huderittes that live close by here also. They have the best roasting chickens. I used to raise my own . My whole summer was spent working. Winter is so long here and summer too short.