Thursday, July 29, 2010

Time Waits for No One

I have just come from my gym, where it is my habit to lift weights on Tuesdays and Thursdays. As I was getting dressed to come back to work, I apparently shocked and amused two young ladies of no more than sixteen years of age by simply taking off my gym clothes to put my street clothes back on. I was naked in the lady's locker room. I am not sure where they thought I should dress...the shower stall perhaps, or maybe the toilet stall? But as they made their retreat, they laughed audibly to each other in the certain knowledge that I could hear them.
I am well aware that I am not a beauty queen; I am well aware that I never was. I am a fifty-six year old woman who makes an effort to take care of herself. To eat and drink in moderation and to exercise in order to stay fit.
I wanted to say to these young women, "Enjoy yourselves at my expense if you must, but be aware that if you live long enough, your time is coming. You too will be a fifty-six year old woman who's waist has thickened and whose butt has sagged; your lips will thin and the skin on your neck will lose that tautness that you thought would last forever and start to more closely resemble a turkey waddle. Your eye sight will desert you and you will need glasses to see the number on your locker. And you will lose other things that seem eternal to you now; your sex appeal and the very desire for it. All these things will come to you in your time and you will no longer snicker. You can hold your hand up to the mirror and tell time to stop, but unless you are willing to spend thousands of dollars and many hours under the knife of a surgeon, you can not hope to stop time. As Mick Jagger says in his song, 'Time Waits for No One..."
I wanted to say these things, but I did not. Why spoil their fun? They will find out soon enough, and probably sooner than they expect.


  1. Well I wouldn't have laughed. I would have been arrested but I wouldn't have laughed.

  2. I'm only 34 and sometimes I think "enjoy your little butt now" when I see teenage thin girls.

  3. Yup! Know exactly what you mean. Time indeed waits for no one. My saving grace was I was reared with manners and good manners at that. I would not have done that no matter what I was thinking.

    I had the experience of starting a program again at 55 years of age. A woman in the gym perhaps late 30's had the temerity to say " you look buff!" as she passed me with a sneer plastered on her face. She didn't know me..I was out of shape for certain and showed's why I was there..yet she sniped at me for her pleasure. Now, you don't know my career, but I zapped her verbally by saying "Lady, I could take you with one hand behind my back out in the parking lot!"

    It's the truth too. I have training that more than makes up for being out of shape. She just kept walking but not sniggering. Probably never been challenged before for her nasty mouth.

  4. Been there and done that. We all grow old if we are lucky enough to live that long. I too workout for health's sake and I don't give a tiddledpoop what the young people think.

  5. And who knows....those very girls may not grow old so gracefully and beautifully. When you're young you're cute and a lot is forgiven; but then age and genes deals a double whammy so let's hope they have good genes otherwise they might just be crying well into their old age!

  6. Well I think no matter what they were just plain rude and someone needs to slap them up side the head. Respect for their elders ain't that what their suppose to be taught. Wackem next time.