Friday, April 30, 2010

Fearless Man

It is rare to find a truly fearless man...I think I watched one in action on Thursday.  That tiny figure above the roof line of a very tall house is Ron Bland...The Tree Man. I have a pair of oak trees that grow right next to my back deck and upper story porch. In the 25 years that the house has been there, they have grown considerably, due in part to the rain run off from the house. They have grown so much in fact that they seemed to want to come into the house with me.  So, I opted to give them a little "hair cut". 
Ron is an older fellow, who can climb a tree very much like a monkey. He had the limbs I pointed out cut off and lowered safely to the ground in less than an hour. The tree seems happy, I am happy and The Tree Man only wanted $75 for the job; I made him take $100 because good help if hard to find.
His slogan is: Don't Be a Fool...Hire One! 
Ron Bland is nobody's fool, but he is one hell of a Tree Man.

1 comment:

  1. I wish I could hire a Tree Man to give my trees a little haircut myself. I have a couple on each side of the house that are just reaching the Heavens but the Beloved won't hear of it. This year we had an unusual amount of rain and large trees were being unearthed all over. We lucked out but I mentioned this to he-who-will-not-change-his-mind. Let's see if he does.... *sigh*

    Just Sayin' ;)