Tuesday, April 20, 2010

MIA: Miss Patch

This is very difficult for a first blog, but I must say goodbye to a friend; Miss Patch went missing a week ago today, and I can only assume she is not coming back. I do not know what happened to her and that is the hardest part. I gave her a cookie and let her out and she simply disappeared from my life.
I looked, I asked the neighbors, I called the shelters in the surrounding counties. No trace of her remaines.
She was my good little girl. My friend. I shall miss her. She touched my life and left a place in my heart that will be forever hers.


  1. Hello Ann, sorry to hear about Miss Patch, you never know, she might turn up still.
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  2. Oh Ann...I'm so sorry about Miss Patch. Apologize that it took me so long to get here to offer my sympathy, too. It's been nutz around my house for the past week. Good to see that you're settling into blogger. I've always loved reading your writings. hugs, e