Sunday, April 25, 2010

You Can't Take It With You

I know that wise folks tell you that you can't take it with you, but it would be nice to be able to hang on to some of it while you are still here.
Aside from having a gourmet for a cat...Miss Prissy will only eat the most exclusive cat food on the market...I own a home.
Home ownership is a double-edged, it cuts both ways.  My home is a joy, a sanctuary, and as far as I am concerned, paradise on earth. That is also a money pit!
I made no less than three money out-lay phone calls this morning before breakfast. We had a monsoon rain last night and I noticed that the guttering on my house is worse than useless, it is a menace. Funneling water toward the house on all sides. #1 to Gutter Guard people for an estimate on new gutters. $$$
While inspecting the gutters, I was reminded that I needed to get in touch with my "tree guy"; very nice fellow who keeps my yard full of trees under control. (I live in Christopher Robin's 40 acre wood.) I have a lovely old oak tree growing right next to the back deck and over my upstairs porch. It has decided to come inside. Much as I love it, it is an outside tree. Must have some limbs trimmed back. $$$
Then! and this is the cruelest cut of satellite dish from Hughesnet started taking on water and refused to work. Tech help tells me that their diagnostic tells them it needs new parts. Major $$$$
Oh well, the good news is I am gainfully employed and its only money. I wish all problems were as easy to solve. I wish throwing money at a broken heart could fix it. Or that is could bring back the people we have lost. Time and courage are the only things that come close to "fixing" those things.
So, all things considered. I'm doin' okay. Hope everyone out there is too.

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